After what seems like an endless review and consultation period, Ofcom has finally reached a conclusion about its plans to simplify call charges for consumers.

It's Christmas time and here at alphaTALK, we've decided to spread some seasonal cheer with some special discounts on almost all of our telephone numbers:

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Our Silver Numbers

We've slashed the price of our 03 and 0330 numbers. Click here to read more about our 03 numbers and 0330 number services.

0330 numbers are FREE to call from mobile phones and landline phones that have access to inclusive or bundled minutes.

When alphaTALK does an 0800 number sale, alphaTALK does an 0800 number sale!

We have discounted our existing stock of Silver Category 0800 numbers to just £29 each.

Here at alphaTALK, we've decided to slash the prices of some of our best platinum category numbers by over 25%.

888 is a lucky combination of numbers for people and businesses from the Far East, much like the number 13 is regarded as an unlucky number in the West.

Here at alphaTALK, we have a wide variety of lucky business phone numbers featuring 888 in some way.

Quote AUTUMN13 for a further 20% discount on 0800 numbers from alphaTALK.

The Autumn usually means going back to work for most people, with the Summer sun now a distant memory.

Back to work means back to business, with everybody ramping up their efforts in the run up to Christmas.

We all like to get things for free, but when that's not possible then something for nearly free is the next best thing!

Here at alphaTALK, we appreciate that not everybody has the budget to spend on memorable 0800 numbers such as 0800 999 0009 and for that reason, we have a variety of budget 0800 n

Very recently, an enterprising gentleman was reported to have used an 0871 number to generate money and rebates from the likes of PPI cold callers and insurance sales people.