What is an 0800 number?

0800 numbers belong to a group of telephone numbers in the UK that are free to call (also known as toll free around the world).

Are 0800 numbers free to call?

0800 numbers are free to call from both landline telephone and mobile phones in the UK.

In this modern era of communications, we can't think our business system without voip. Alphatalk believes that customers buy from people who they can trust which is a notion that we have practiced since day one. It's all about trust and reliability- two factors that are important for any business.

More and more companies are now planning to select cloud-based phone services instead of premises based PBX systems now and in the near future. This is largely due to the availability of fibre and fast broadband.

Before signing up for Alphatalk VoIP service it is always advisable to perform a VoIP test. This tests your broadband bandwidth but also tests for jitter and latency which are key VoIP parameters for determining the quality of your phone calls.

VoIP(Voice over IP) lets you to make phone calls over an IP(Internet Protocol) data network. It has been said that eventually VoIP will replace traditional landlines.

We have all the heard of the horror stories when we use our smartphones abroad to either receive or make outbound calls or just to surf the Internet.

Alphatalk Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology refers to a series of transmission capabilities that make communication over the Internet a possibility.

How Does VoIP Save Money for Home Users?

Pay less for local and international calls

Traditionally, phone operators charged phone calls separately depending on if they were made to the same area code or to numbers in other countries. In the case of VoIP calls, distance and time cease to matter.

Reduce phone service costs with VoIP in the cloud

Enterprise-grade hosted VoIP infrastructure

Business VoIP system designed for any business

Consolidate your business voice phone service bill

Keep your PBX system secured and decrease service costs

Integrate SIP Trunking with your PBX

Improve y